Galerie moderního umění
v Hradci Králové

Zorka Ságlová | Retrospective

curator: Klára Zářecká

This retrospective exhibition of the work of Zorka Ságlová (1942-2003) presents a selection of key works representing the basic themes of her art.

The aesthetic language from the time of the artist´s studies at VŠUP, along with her use of Art Brut, soon gave way to her interest in geometrical figures enriched with motives of the satin weave. Another transformation in her work is apparent in her use of minimalism. Her replacement of atelier work with work in natural settings led her to create a number of land-art projects between the years 1969 and 1970, which were documented by Jan Ságl in his photos. The project which had irreversible impact on Ságlová´s artistic life was Seno-sláma (1969), the negative reception of which brought her back to tapestry and opened a new chapter in her work associated with the theme of the “rabbit.” She dedicated the end of the 20th and beginning of the 21st century to work with found objects, paraphrases of symbols from still life, archeology, and landscape, and painting on damask canvases.

The work of Zorka Ságlová is bound by a unifying concept and, in the context of its time, is unique and ground-breaking. A characteristic aspect of the artist´s work is the desire to create a dialogue with the viewer and the need to connect the world of visual and textile art.