Galerie moderního umění
v Hradci Králové


Věra Jičínská

Curator: Martina Pachmanová

The exhibition of works by Věra Jičínská presents key aspects of the oeuvre of this unjustly overlooked figure of Czech modern art. The selection of paintings, pastels, drawings, prints, and little-known photographs outlines the evolution of Jičínská’s work during the interwar era, when she studied, worked, or exhibited in Brno, Munich, Prague, Paris, Brittany, Pécs, and Dobruška. But the exhibition also looks at her work in the field of applied art, in which she was active after the Second World War.


Black Cube

Michaela Vélová Maupicová | Noise in Honeycomb, Light in Tumulus

Curator: Jitka Hlaváčková

Michaela Vélová Maupicová is primarily known as a painter, but her work needs to be viewed as essentially multimedia, process-oriented, and always open to experimentation. The motifs that the author focused on in her paintings have their counterparts or parallels in drawings, prints, and objects, as well as in photographs and videos that reveal a lot about her contemplating. The exhibition “Noise in Honeycomb, Light in Tumulus” presents a selection of short video art works by Michaela Vélová Maupicová that have only been marginally presented to the public.


White Cube

Jan Šafránek | Café Kubišta

curators: Petra Příkazská, Anna Horák Zemanová

The exhibition presents a cross-section of the work of a native of Hradec Králové, a painter and world traveler who transformed his fascination with the visible world and its absurdist poetry into an inimitable painterly celebration of human society. Through key works from various decades (from the 1960s to the present day) – further complemented by an extensive set of drawings – visitors to the exhibition can follow the gradual crystallization of the artist’s visual poetry.



Josef Wagner

curator: Kateřina Křížkovská

The landscape under the Krkonoše mountains in the north of the Czech Republic is not only scattered with Baroque monuments, large and small, but is also home to a stonemasonry tradition which continues the legacy of the 18th century sculptor Matyáš Bernard Braun, and his followers. The name Wagner is synonymous with this tradition, and first appears in parish registers in the regions of Jaroměřsko and Královévodsko as early as the 18th century.


The Last Fifty Years

Curator: Tomáš Pospiszyl

Contemporary art doesn’t have a history, yet. It therefore doesn’t make sense to tell its story in a chronological order. Rather, it makes sense to tell it thematically, with an emphasis on the diversity of approaches by individual artists to their work and to art in general. The exhibition of contemporary art at the Gallery of Modern Art in Hradec Králové is strongly connected to its recent acquisitions. It presents artists from the middle and younger generations, who have been making their way into public collections only recently.


The Last Century – Twenty Artists

Curator: Petra Příkazská

The traditional presentation of 20th century modern art is linear and chronological and typically built on a selection of several characteristic masterpieces assembled into a logical order, usually by grouping various styles. This historical logic is, however, the result of a biased, subjective point of view, created not just by the artists, but also critics, art dealers, collectors, and historians.