Stations of the Cross of the 21st Century

Stations of the Cross is a series of sculptures called Story of Misery and Hope of Men, installed outdoors between villages Stanovice and Žireč near Kuks.

Members of a citizen association named Nativity Scene Makers from Hradec Králové were inspired by Count František Antonín Špork (1662-1738) and Jesuits from the Žireč monastery, who once intended to create stations of a cross, a spiritual landmark dominating the landscape near Žireč and Kuks. The civic association undertook to revive this idea.

In 2004, Professor Vladimír Preclík, a leading Czech sculptor, invited other Czech sculptors to join him in his effort to create a set of 15 stations of the cross called Story of Misery and Hope of Men. Traditional themes, that have been depicted numerously in the past, were treated by contemporary artists, who provided their own touch of inventiveness and human experience at the beginning of the 21st century.

The open-air series of sculptures took four years to create (2005-2008). It was made possible by funds from Hradec Králové Region. It was open to the public on 4 October 2008.

Daniel Klose (*1973) ANNUNCIATION, 2005.

Stanislav Hanzík (*1931) VERONICA’S VEIL, 2005.

Vojtěch Adamec (1933–2011) THE WONDER OF ASCENSION, 2006.

Ellen Jilemnická (*1946) CROWN OF THORNS, 2006.

Vladimír Preclík (1929–2008) CATHEDRAL OF PRAYERS, 2008.

Jan Koblasa (1932–2017) HOLY FAMILY, 2005.

Ivan Jilemnický (1944–2012) LIGHT IN DARKNESS, 2005.

Jan Hendrych (*1936) REDEMPTION, 2008.

Václav Fiala (*1955) TEARDROP (Teardrop of Joy and Suffering), 2008.

Marius Kotrba (1959–2011) PIETA, 2008.

Čestmír Mudruňka (*1935) LAND OF THE CROSS, 2006.

Michal Šarše (*1956) SEEKER, undated.

Jiří Marek (*1972) PAINFUL LOVE, undated.

Jaromíra Němcová (*1959) GATE OF HOPE, 2007.

Jiří Kačer (*1952) OBELISK, 2007.