Galerie moderního umění
v Hradci Králové


Education department is an integral and indispensable part of Gallery of Modern Art in Hradec Králové.

Gallery education department regularly prepares programmes for temporary exhibitions and permanent exhibitions for wide age range. School groups of kids, pupils and students are the largest group of participants. All these age groups find a varied offer that meets their aims and requirements. Programmes are flexible in combination and adaptable to needs of participants. Programmes are designed in connection with System of Curricular Documents to support all key competencies in the process of education.

The focus of all activities run by education department is to open the gallery to everyone, to visitors since they are children, to perceive it as a natural place for meeting, learning, communication, cooperation, and creation.

Educational activities give the opportunity for the participants to develop art appreciation, aesthetic values, and own reflection.

Educators regularly organize events that can either be short- term (one- day workshops) or long-term (five-day events).

Education department focuses on collaboration with university students (their support in teacher training) and on cooperation of kids and their parents. Educators are ready to engage seniors through lectures and creative workshops.

Due to flexible approach of gallery educators disabled visitors can take part in programmes according to their requirements and needs and enjoy art like all.

Art (Hi)story

Art (Hi)story is our new English programme and it is meant for anyone who is interested in art and speaks English. At first you will have a chance to join a guided tour of chosen artist and afterwards you will have opportunity to work in the atelier which offers unlimited space for your imagination.

When: Saturday (2–4 PM)
Admission fee: student with ISIC card is 30 CZK, adults 100 CZK

If you are interested in this event, please make a reservation:

Bc. Linda Vidová
tel.: +420 602 170 948




July 30th | Toyen 

Toyen: an important, unconventional artistic personality. The only woman who established herself in the male-dominated avant-garde movement as a member of the Devětsil and the Prague Surrealist Group. She left her homeland to work in France on her diverse surrealist work characterized by highly emotional reality and psychological moments. We will discuss this topic during a guided tour and follow up in the gallery studio of GMU.

August 27th | Milan Knížák 

“I guess I’m a fool or a Martian.” – Milan Knížák, a versatile artist, pedagogue, inspiring extraordinary personality of the Czech contemporary art scene. Fool or Martian. And how do you feel in today’s world? Peek behind the curtain of the creative work of the unmissable artist in the exhibition The Last Fifty Years of GMU with a guided tour and your own artistic work.