Galerie moderního umění
v Hradci Králové

Moving Image Collection

The Moving Image Collection was founded in 2019. Until then, there had been no such collection of this type of visual art in the whole Czech Republic. The term moving image covers various interdisciplinary approaches, such as experimental film, videoart, video installation, diapositive installations, film essays or performance recordings. The collection has examples of development of this type of visual art, spanning from 1960s experimental tendencies to the present. Its purpose is to provide a more meaningful understanding of the transformations and thinking about the moving image within a broader frame of thought and an evaluation of its context within the environment of Central and Eastern Europe, as the history of the moving image in Czechia cannot be viewed in isolation. At the same time, it seeks to monitor the development and mutual influence of the different media defined above, i.e. older and newer technologies of the moving image.

Key parts of the collection include works by Czech and Slovak artists, followed by works by artists who come from Hungary, Poland, Baltic, and Balkan countries. Some of the artists and their works of note are as follows: Miloš Šejn – Psychological Drama, Present, Gorge, G/SOL; Martin Zet – Cheap Statues; Marek Ther – Kim, Pick and Wedgie; Zbyněk Baladrán – Models of Space; Daniel Pitín – Dinner with Kazimir Malevich; Filip Cenek – Wonky Cinema; Michal Kindernay – Heavy Heaven, Ječná, Žitná, Staropramenná, Národní, Myslíkova; Marie Lukáčová – Skuzomeetzach, Moraine Rex, Siren)

The collection also stores original physical media, complete files, and installations, which are later digitalized to create a database with previews of individual works for study and research. When the collection was founded, a separate GMU exhibition space called the Black Cube was also set up to showcase the acquisitions.

Zbyněk Baladrán, MODELS OF SPACE, 2009


Marie Lukáčová, MORAINE REX, 2019

Miloš Šejn, GORGE, 1979

Marie Lukáčová, SKUZOMEETZACH, 2019

Michal Kindernay, HEAVY HEAVEN, 2019