Načeradský / Typlt | Cross Section

curator: Petr Vaňous

The project entitled CROSS SECTION / PŘÍČNÝ ŘEZ will present a selection from the life's work of Jiří Načeradský (1939-2014) through his paintings along with a cross section of the hitherto works of his student Lubomír Typlt (1975). The exhibit follows the living, intergenerational, parallels of expression in paintings against the background of lived experience in any particular historical era. Expressive painting as well as geometrical reductions and abbreviations present in the works of both artists point to the algorithm of the painterly process which is literally experienced as action.

The goal of such a process is to break into one’s present and extract from it what is most important – expression, which is not just a matter of aesthetic form but also the bearer of comprehensive experience and the fixing of that experience through aesthetic principles. Hence the subornation of the pictorial form to the power of immediate communication, hence, too, the transformation of sources which initiate (escalate and balance) the need for expression. An important aspect of this exhibit is a reflection on historical and cyclical time, which have its bearing on the linear transformation of the particular sensitivity of the painter and on the return of certain motives and ideas, which the showcased artists revisit and update for the present. Petr Vaňous is the curator of the exhibit.