Zdeněk Sýkora | Graphic Arts

curator: Klára Zářecká

Permanent inspiration by the Central Bohemian Mountains and the need to conduct a dialogue between fine art with science laid the basis of the unique visualization of Zdeněk Sýkora´s art. Within the Framework of exhibition will be presented the representative selection of author´s graphic work, that was always firmly connected with his principal painting activity.

The exposed set of graphic sheets will present two peak periods of Sýkora´s creation based on entirely different principles. His Early graphic works and Structures created after 1964 by linocut technique, and  based on combinatorics of an image element in a defined structure. The Lines, the graphic works from his later years, printed by screen printing (serigraphy).  The main principle of his creation became randomness that allowed to investigate the subjects without obligation, and to do experiment with them. One part of presentation will include the documentation illustrating the unique process of creation Sýkora´s graphic sheets by using a simple computer program that according to author´s fixed rules searched for the possibilities of connecting individual visual elements.