Světlana Pavlíčková | To the touch

curator: Anna Horák Zemanová | Czech Sofia Centre in Bulgaria

Světlana Pavlíčková is an important artist from the Hradec Králové region, a lacemaker and a designer of crochet patterns. The exhibition Na dotek | To the touch presents the author's comprehensive understanding of textiles based on the connection of their visual and material side with the cultural, social and historical context.

In her current work, Světlana Pavlíčková breaks the traditionally established rules of her own craft, among other things, by using countless possibilities of combining materials and techniques. She teaches herself that nothing is wrong. It shows that every material can be recycled, you can select what you need from the learned techniques and begin a new story. She draws great inspiration from the Japanese Boro technique, sometimes also called the “repair technique”. Japanese women have been using it since the 15th century to extend the life of torn clothes and blankets. The result of many years of repairs was a unique garment telling a story of several generations in the family. Světlana Pavlíčková is also a lover of inventing stories, which she herself writes and also above all, puts into textile works. In her embroideries we can also find messages written in the author’s handwriting. In addition to completely depersonalized stories, the artist also incorporates her own diaries into her works and thus confronts the audience with her joyful and painful memories.