curators: Petra Příkazská and Petr Pokorný

Featured artists: Jonáš Czesaný, Filip Černý, Igor Grimmich, Adéla Janská, David Jedlička, Tomáš Jetela, Lenka Kerdová, Tadeáš Kotrba, Martin Krajc, Petr Malina, Tomáš Němec, Jitka Nesnídalová, Lenka Pilařová, Daniel Pitín, Zbyněk Sedlecký, Tomáš Tichý, Lubomír Typlt, Jana Vojnárová

Contemporary painting is to this day a many-faceted and lively discipline capable of drawing inspiration from a diverse array of sources. It´s as if the recently-declared demise of painting freed painters to pursue an unlimited amount of combinations, returns to the past, blending of many layers and techniques, and even the creation of paintings/objects. The exhibition Story of (To)day maps a mere fragment of this diverse spectrum – figural painting, which is directly connected to today´s society. The paintings resonate with both uncertainty and the joy of moving between reality and illusion. The canvases capture images of situations, individuals, and phenomena shaped by the experiences of the author him or herself. Despite their diversity, the paintings in this exhibition bear traces of intoxicating, and in some cases an almost physical, experience of painting, an act of singular creation.