Pavla Sceranková | Miloš

curator: Václav Janoščík | Foyer

Sometimes, something or someone passes through our lives. These encounters do not need to take the form of dramatic twists, like those from Hollywood films. They’re usually just small moments — a brief meeting of the eyes, a ripple in our attention, or a touch, such as someone brushing past us, or something clinging onto us. These aren’t clear signs, but rhythms of suddenness and waiting, of being close, or of being reserved. It is precisely these encounters which fulfill Proust’s great novel about small things. And it is this sensitivity and these values which art attempts to express. The work Miloš emerged from the author’s meeting with a stranger — he appeared to her as the back door of a tram opened. He stood, relaxed, without a hint of discomfort, pensive, with a plastic bag clinging to his left leg.

PAVLA SCERANKOVÁ (born 1980 Košice) is a sculptor, pedagogue, and mother of Anton (born 2020) and Julia (born 2016). Pavla Sceranková studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague between 2000–2006, where she also completed her doctoral studies in 2011. She received a stipend to intern for a year under Prof. Tony Cragg in Berlin. In the years 2010–2015, she worked at the Department of Arts and Textile Production in the Hradec Králové University. Currently, she runs one of the Ateliers of Multimedia at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (together with Dušan Zahoranský).

Pavla Sceranková’s work is characterized as much by
lightness as by serious subjects, spatial composition and craft, intellectualism as well as a distinctive sense of humor. She is able to touch viewers with a humanity which is hard to describe, as well as with empathy, and is able to approach universal themes and focus on interpersonal relationships.