Paris beautiful and inspiring

curators: Petra Příkazská a Klára Zářecká

Since the middle of 19th century Paris has been for many Czech fine artists one of real metropolis of art. The city above Seine river, where modern art rooted, was hope for them. Many came here to draw inspiration from personal encounters with well-known masters, to study the latest artistic trends, or simply be consumpted by the cosmopolitan artistic atmosphere.

Their dream was to break through – to organize an exhibition in Paris and to gain recognition of Paris criticis. Many of them succeeded, and Paris became their second home. The life in Paris was not always easy and was influenced by the political development in Europe. The golden area of the Czech–French relations was the period between the world wars that ended by signing the Munich Agreement.

The concept of the exhibition reflects both: the visual beauties of Paris and deep authors´experience of direct contact with the city, and the Parisian art community. The set of works shows the dialogue between Paris and Prague. A Tapestry of works consists of the artworks of A. Chittussi, J. Šíma, J. Kolář, Skupina 42, J. Ságl and others.