Miloš Šejn | AQVA

curator: Vjera Borozan | Space

The exhibition presents a selection of over 20 works by Miloš Šejn from his oeuvre, starting with works from the end of the 1960s all the way to contemporary videos and two site-specific installations created specifically for the Gallery of Modern Art in Hradec Králové. The overarching theme, as the title of the exhibition suggests, is the element of water. It appears here in various forms and states of matter and allows one to compare a broad range of approaches to the water and landscape the author explores.

The work of Miloš Šejn is still current in many ways. At present, when environmental themes are dominating the field of art again, the artist’s work, which has been associated with environmentalism for several decades, has been experiencing a “discursive boom”. The exhibition in the gallery in Hradec Králové focuses on other aspects of the artist’s work as well. It is examining deeper interpretive layers and accents and other connections and links. The exhibition strives, just like the author himself, to oscillate between a rational, distanced approach and its complementary opposite, which grasps the reality without remove – in a bodily, performative, and synthesized way. The moving image is strongly represented in this exhibition, the installation of which was created by Richard Loskot, the exhibition designer, in collaboration with Miloš Šejn himself. In the case of two key works, Fungus (1994) and Grand G-Luna (2012) the design recreates the original way in which the pieces were presented.