Dalibor Bača: Za kulisou / Behind the Scenes

curator: Rado Ištok | Foyer

Artist Dalibor Bača’s intervention Za kulisou / Behind the Scenes consists of physical architecture, a chamber which is sunk into the entry hall, and the artist’s own performance within this chamber. Over the course of 9 months, the artist will make three week-long stays within the dark and soundproof space he created. The chamber is fit only with a bed and bathroom and he will have no access to food, news from the outside world, or human contact of any sort, including media and social networks.

The title Za kulisou / Behind the Scenes refers to how the overload of information from the media leaves us disinformed, since many media outlets knowingly twist reality, creating a screen which hides the truth. The artist’s fast from media, endured in silence and darkness, is, therefore, a tool which allows the artist to look behind the scenes of our quotidian media overload, thus achieving the calm and holisticness appropriate for mysticism in the broader sense: One of the artist’s sources of inspiration are neuro-psychological studies of consciousness. We may consider the Art-Nouveau structure and interior of the gallery, a former bank, as part of the set, or scene, as well.

Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.