Energy of the initial line – gesture, rhythm, movement in contemporary Czech art

curator: Petra Příkazská

The basic concept of the exhibition stems from free responses to and inspirations by East Asian calligraphy in contemporary Czech art. Ten distinct artists will introduce different approaches to this subject, accentuating mainly the physical and motion perception of energy encompassed in the expressive process of “calligraphy” work.

The dynamism of calligraphic line is not present merely in the expression of gestural drawing or painting, but also in various conceptual approaches or performances. Perhaps the most prominent topic in this respect is the capturing of the connection between human energy and natural processes as manifested in the universally accepted conceptual works by Miloš Šejn, Pavel Mrkus, Federico Diaz, Pavla Voborník-Kačírková or the Hradec Králové-based artists Jindřich Max Pavlíček and Milan Langer.

The most intimate feelings and dynamism of the human body are expressed by drawings and paintings from Margita Titlová-Ylovsky, Petr Pastrňák, Karel Adamus, Adéla Součková and light objects by Pavel Korbička. A separate chapter represents works by Jiří Černický, whose expressive material line refers in a novel way to the history of Western and East Asian art and mindset.