Galerie moderního umění
v Hradci Králové


curators: Andrea Benešová a Martina Vítková

Featured artists: Radoslav Pavlíček, Jindřich Max Pavlíček, Jaroslav Schejbal, Petr Vyšohlíd, Michal Tošner, Pavel Doskočil, Martina Hozová, Pavel Sůva, Radek Škoda, Michal Kindernay, Zdeněk Merta, Jan Pražan, Miroslav Podhrázský

Milan Langer has been a key personality in Hradec Králové art scene. As an artist, he liaised with young visual artists and musicians. He often collaborated with them as a collective author, first as Brutal Nikita and Art Division Team Victory Nox later. Langer adopted and modified the system that Andy Warhol used in The Factory in New York. Art is teamwork where each team member can contribute their different knowledge, skills, personal experience, and imagination. Some are photographers or filmmakers, while others are graphic designers or street-artists, musicians, or theorists. When they all perform together or have an exhibition, they are tight and united, as they share a background. Yet, they are diverse in technologies, approaches, and techniques. Most recently, they have been performing while posing as a breeding pack and orphans. Gallery of Modern Art in Hradec Králové will hold an exhibition of the whole Art Division Team Victory Nox as well as separate exhibitions of team members.