Galerie moderního umění
v Hradci Králové

The Last Fifty Years

curator: Tomáš Pospiszyl

Contemporary art doesn’t have a history, yet. It therefore doesn’t make sense to tell its story in a chronological order. Rather, it makes sense to tell it thematically, with an emphasis on the diversity of approaches by individual artists to their work and to art in general. The exhibition of contemporary art at the Gallery of Modern Art in Hradec Králové is strongly connected to its recent acquisitions. It presents artists from the middle and younger generations, who have been making their way into public collections only recently.


The Last Century – Twenty Artists

curator: Petra Příkazská

The traditional presentation of 20th century modern art is linear and chronological and typically built on a selection of several characteristic masterpieces assembled into a logical order, usually by grouping various styles. This historical logic is, however, the result of a biased, subjective point of view, created not just by the artists, but also critics, art dealers, collectors, and historians.


To Bite Unbitingly

Vladimír Preclík’s Gift to the Hradec Králové Region

In 2008, Vladimír Preclík donated a collection named Vladimír Preclík Gallery to the Hradec Králové Region. He assembled this himself, in order to create a retrospective overview of his entire work, from its beginnings to the mature works.